Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Long time

Long time no chat!

I've been missing in action from this blog.  I've gotten a new job so I should have more time to write here... I just haven't felt like it for some reason.

I've been working on pouring some beeswax candles.  I made some tonight. Here are some pictures.
I really like making candles.  I find it kinda relaxing.  It takes some time waiting for the wax to melt.  I put on some music and hang out in the kitchen.  Its nice! :) I made the above candle with a cool silicone mold I bought online.  I also made some star shaped candles, and regular votive and tea light candles.

I've set up a Etsy shop to try to sell some of the extra candles I've been making.  Check it out here if you'd like.
 Coley's Candle

Ooh We went to New Jersey this past weekend to visit some friends.  My friend likes to sew and quilt so she taught me to make placemats! :) We finished a whole set for my kitchen table! I'm so proud of myself.  I hope I'll remember how to make them so I can make some for my dinning room table! :)

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