Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fried Rice, yum!

I love making fried rice with left over white rice.  Speaking of which, our rice cookers was one of the best $10 dollars we've ever spent!  I love being able to just put the rice and water together, turn it on and walk away.  Then about 20 min later, bam its done! :) No stirring no worrying, it switches to warm once its all done cooking.
Coley's Fried Rice
  I like making my friend rice with some kelbsa,  I learned that from a coworker!  I'm sure you could probably use any kind of sausage and it would have the same effect.  Basically it just adds alot of good flavor to the rice.  So I'll chop up some kelbasa and put that in the wok to heat up.  I'll scramble a egg with the kelbasa.  Then I toss in some frozen veggies (un frozen-ified) and the leftover rice.  Then I mix it all up and heat it up for a bit.  Then volia! Fried Rice!

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