Sunday, July 24, 2011

What is it?

When we moved into our house (during the winter) we noticed there were some flower beds in the yard.  In the spring time things started to grow in them. Now some of the plants are blooming but I have no idea what they are.   There was a nice big orange poppy that flowered earlier in the year.  I didn't know what it was but my mom was able to find out that it was a poppy.  Right now we have these spikey pink and red flowers blooming.  I have no idea what they are!!!

Spikey Red Flower

Spikey pink flowers (in background)
I've tried Googling spikey red flower but I didn't see anything that looked like my flowers.  I still think its cool that things are flowering in our yard without me having to do anything.  Someday I'll figure out how to garden for real. :)

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