Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We have some green tomatoes growing!!! :) Very exciting!

Big ones

Little ones
So I have a self proclaimed black thumb but we have some tomatoes growing. Yay! Mind you the plant with the bigger tomatoes only have two growing on it.  And the cherry tomatoe plant had one turning red but that dissappeared.  I swear it was there though.  I'm still exciting that something is growing and we might be able to eat some delicious tomatoes some day soon. :)
I hope that next year we'll be planting an actual garden.  Here's my wish list for next years garden:
Summer squash
That seems like a good start to me.  I'd also like to start and herb garden with basil, chives and the likes.  Oh and some day we want to get blueberry bushes and grape vines! Some day!  Hopefully we'll atleast get the basic garden started. Yum yum!

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