Thursday, July 28, 2011

Voila, Dinner!

I still haven't gone food shopping yet and things are getting rather sparse in the fridge and cabinets.  So on the ride home I was thinking about what to cook for myself for dinner since Mr. B had to go to NYC for work and wouldn't be home until late.  I knew I had some cream of cheese soup that I wanted to experiment, I thought maybe I could make a soup with some potatoes and pepper.  But when I got home I was starving and the potatoes would take too long to cook.  Then I noticed that we had some left over white rice, eggs and cherry tomatoes.  So I made a garlic rice with tomatoes and an egg! It was a nice quick easy and yummy meal.
Here's how I did it:

First I sauteed up some garlic in EVOO.  

Garlic & EVOO
 While that was going I fried up an egg in my fancy egg frying pan.  :)

 Then I added the white rice.  Almost burnt the garlic...oops!
Garlic rice
 When the rice was almost heated up all the way I added the cherry tomatoes that I cut in half. 

 I just let the tomatoes get warmed up.  Then I put the rice mix on a plate and topped it with the fried egg ( i like it over hard) And Volia! Dinner! :)

Garlic rice with tomatoes and an egg

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